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Here's the Mom of 3 way of doing spirit wear stores!

We will supply your PTA/Team with an online store.

You can either send ideas for the shirt logos, or we can do that for you. Typically we offer 4 logos -- 2 that are unisex, one that is more boyish, and one that is feminine. All items will have the ability to be personalized and most can be done in glitter also! Sometimes logos that are shown (color wise) are not what ends up on a shirt, for example a black shirt wouldn't have black letters. Each item is made to order, so we only offer exchanges if WE did something incorrectly - ie made the wrong size/color or spelled a name incorrectly. All items will have a description of the product on the store, so this helps with fit on choosing sizes, as we cannot redo something if you ordered a size you're not happy with. We encourage you to check out the product descriptions first!

We will offer a range of items: usually an economical t-shirt, dri-fit options, tanks, baseball style tees, hoodies (both cotton and dri-fit). We usually have an accessory section too: ball caps/stocking caps/blankets/headband/drawstring bags, but we can add more things to personalize your store even more!

If you would like we can also do a higher-end embroidery section that could offer any or all of the following: polos, 1/4 zip sweatshirts, nice pullovers, jackets, backpacks, and stadium bleacher seats.

We have also offered a "teacher only" section. This is usually fun teacher shirts that are fun for them to have too!

Your group will tell me what markup you would like to make off each item. Typically most add $2-$5 per item (This is yours minus any processing fees!) We will open the store for a set amount of time. Once the store is closed it will then take approximately 2 weeks to produce the items.

We can keep the store open all year long if you desire. Then we would work it where the store maybe open until the end of the month, and items would be ready for the 15th (dates can be picked this is just an example)!

What the group would need to do: They are required to pick up the order at our place. Items will be made and boxed up for your group. The person in charge will need to bundle them in individual orders. We collect the student's name and teacher's name to help with sorting. We are happy to sort the entire order, and there is a 5% handling fee for that. We also will give the person in charge of the group access to the store where they can see who ordered. So if a specific person contacts the group wondering about his or her order, it is easily looked up! Everyone should get a confirmation email about their order when it's placed.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

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