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  1. Which trademarks do you have?  Which colleges/teams are off limits? NO, we do not do trademark items.  We will do local schools who we have permission to work with.
  2. What is your typical turnaround for individual orders?  We like to say they will be completed about two weeks from when we get the order and design finalized.  During super busy times, items may have some delays. Team orders--we can offer your team their very own online store!  We will set it up and keep it open for the time you would like. Once the store closes, we will then proceed to make your personalized items!
  3. How do I get my items from you?  If you are local, you pick up at our place!  We have a lovely box system. Once we notify you that your items are ready, you can drop by anytime and pick them up from the box.  If you haven’t paid yet, we have a lock box located on the wall by the doorbell.
  4. Which forms of payment do you accept?  We can take cash/paypal to, Venmo is (under business) @momof3emb or we can run credit cards too!
  5. How customized are your orders?  They can be as customized as you want.  We can work with you to find what you’re looking for.  Something we already have designed to something you’re dreaming up!
  6. Why do I have to pay BEFORE I get my items?  This ensures you are going to come back and pick the items up!  We tend to be super trusting thinking all people will pick up, but that is not the case.    
  7.  How much do your items cost? Cost of items will vary.  Why do some items cost more than others? Depending on the type of garment and the style of logos (embroidery/screen/sublimation/glitter), prices vary.
  8.  Who is Mom of 3? My name is Jennifer.  I have been married since 1998 to a KCPD officer.  Once we started our family, we knew that I wanted to stay home with our children, so I stopped working out of the house in 2000.  As we had our second kiddo, I started babysitting to make some extra money. Once our third kiddo arrived in 2005, I thought I really couldn’t keep doing the babysitting.  My parents had had an embroidery business at that time and were trying to slowly gear towards retirement. My dad suggested bringing up one single embroidery machine to my house.  Well, things took off from there. We are now a 7 head embroidery machine place!
  9. What types of items do you make?  You name it, we make it! From fun kiddo tees to Christmas ornaments.  Team jerseys and spirit wear are our specialty! 
  10. Why are you the best in the Northland?  We got our start by doing craft shows and individual orders---We still do individual orders and large orders all the same.  We try and make our items as customized as possible! We truly care about our customers!
"Thank you for contacting Mom of 3 Embroidery!  In order to ensure accuracy with your order, e-mail me at!"